u6 Rules

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NWSC Recreational Youth Soccer

U6 Program Official Rules and Policies

Game Format

  • The Ball: A size three(3) soccer ball will be used.

  • The Number of Players: Each team will play with 3 to 4 players on the field. There are NO goalkeepers.

  • The Duration of the Match: The match shall be four, 6-minute quarters.

  • Substitutions: At any stoppage and unlimited.

  • Playing time: Each player will play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.

  • During games, one coach from each team may be on the field at a time to direct players

  • Scoring: Anytime the ball completely crosses the end-line inside the goal, the attacking team is awarded a goal.

  • Offside: None.

  • Penalty Kicks: None.

  • Fouls and Misconduct: Conform to FIFA with the exception that all fouls shall result in a free kick. The game official will explain all infringements to the offending player. No cards shown for misconduct. If a child is being too rambunctious then the game official will ask the coach to make a substitution of that player to give the child a chance to calm down before returning to play.

The Start and Restart of Play

  • Kick-Off: Each quarter will begin with a kickoff at mid-field. After a goal, play will restart with a kickoff by the team that was scored upon.

  • Throw-ins: Anytime the ball goes out of bounds, play will restart with a throw-in. The last team to touch the ball inbounds will lose possession, and the opposing team will take the throw-in. Throw-ins will be taken where the ball left the field of play on the sidelines. Throw-ins will be taken from the nearest corner if the ball leaves the field of play over an end-line. During a throw-in, the player will throw the ball using two hands straight over their head, and both feet will remain on the ground and out of bounds until the throw is complete.

  • Free Kicks: Conform to FIFA with the exception that all free kicks are direct and opponents are at least four yards from the ball until it is in play.

Dress Code

  • Non-uniform clothing is allowed based on weather conditions, but uniforms must be the outermost layer to distinguish teams, and hoods must be tucked inside the uniform jersey while the player is on the playing field.

  • Shin guards covered by socks are required.

  • No jewelry. No cleats that have a toe cleat will be permitted. Nothing metallic may be worn, and nothing may be worn on the wrists.

  • Playing with a cast: Is permitted provided the cast is completely covered by soft padding and/or bubble wrap which is approved by each coach before the match.