Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Policy — Tournament Fees

Expense Claim Form

On March 7, 2022, the Northwest Soccer Club Board of Directors adopted the following policy regarding the reimbursement of tournament fees for club teams:

  • An officially rostered Northwest Soccer team may be reimbursed for 50% of the tournament fee not to exceed $200.00 for up to two (2) tournaments per season for each of the Fall and Spring seasons.

  • Reimbursement can only be made by the club Treasurer to the officially rostered coach of the participating team. The only tournaments eligible for reimbursement are tournaments sanctioned by the Iowa Soccer Association (ISA). Out of state tournaments may be considered by the club Board on an individual basis. Sanctioning is important to the club based on concerns for rules, liability and fair play. (Iowa Games up to this point in time has not been sanctioned by the ISA and will not be considered eligible unless sanctioned.) Tournaments for smaller than full-sided games typical for an age classification are excluded even if sanctioned by ISA (i.e. 3v3 for ages above U6).

  • Coaches may not seek reimbursement until the conclusion of the tournament.

  • In order to be issued reimbursement, documentation must be provided to the club Treasurer to verify payment and play. Verification of fees paid may be documented by either a paid invoice, a signed receipt with tournament host information, or copy of cancelled check. Any online or internet based invoices need to clearly identify the fee amount paid and describe the tournament event including the hosting entity and the dates of play. Verification of play may be documented in the form of a copy of either a tournament schedule, bracket, or official results, with the requesting team clearly identified.

  • Any reimbursement claim deemed fraudulent will be turned over by the Treasurer to the Board for disciplinary action.